College Selection

College is a large investment of time, money, and effort.  Consequently, careful evaluate of colleges is important.  It is up to you to check out a school. Important decisions are made regarding:

  • Choosing a college 

  • Another is how you're going to pay for your education.

  • Evaluations of curricula, policies and administrative practices

  • Housing facilities

  • Courses offered

  • Programs of interest to you

  • Admissions requirements - do you meet them

  • Quality of education versus a reasonable price - Compromises will be made.

  • Services and activities - are your needs going to be met? 

  • Evaluate placement rates for students who have recently graduated

  • Evaluate the school's accreditation, licensing and student loan default rate

  • Evaluate the schools graduation statistics

  • Evaluate the percentage of its students who complete programs 

  • Evaluate the percentage of students who transfer out

  • Campus security - review the school's campus security report

  • Talk to your high school counselor, local employers, and the state higher education agency

  • Check with the local Better Business Bureau offices to see if there are complaints about the college

  • Check on financial aid availability

  • Check on refund policies before enrolling in classes

  • What are the counseling procedures are for the school's financial aid office, location, hours, etc. 

  • What the procedures and deadlines are for submitting applications for each available financial aid program

  • How the school selects financial aid recipients

  • How will the school determine your financial need

  • How and when you'll receive your aid

  • What kind of work-study programs are there

If you have any questions or comments, contact us.

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