Housing Checklist

Once the college you want to attend has been identified, housing is a primary concern.  Here are some questions for the housing office:

On-Campus Housing: 

  • Student Housing - Contact Information: phone numbers, e-mail address, hours of operation, etc.

  • Applying for student housing - How do you apply?  

  • Student housing contracts - What are your obligations and what are the terms of the contract?

  • Repairs & services - Once in student housing, what kinds of services do they provide?  Who repairs the broken shower and who do you contact when your satellite dish is on the blink?

  • Renovations and construction - What buildings are renovated and which ones are scheduled for renovation?

  • Housing Policies and Services -  Review the policies.

  • Roommates - Contacting a potential roommate.

    Off-Campus Housing: 

  • Rental/roommate listing service 

  • Off-campus subsidized housing 

  • University Dining - Locations and hours of operation.

  • Residential Dining Concessions 

If you have any questions or comments, contact us.

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